EQUES “Pluto” Digital Peephole Viewer: SOR03B


A simple, elegant and highly accurate digital peephole viewer; the perfect addition to any home, especially apartments.


    • + 0.3 Pixel CMOS with
    • + Manual Video Recording.
    • + 2.8” HD LCD Touch Screen
    • + Available connection to PC
    • + Supports Micro SD card, up to 32gb.
    • What is a Digital Peephole Viewer you ask?

      Strong Ox’s new range of EQUES Digital Viewers allows your home to become even safer. Acting similarly to that of your traditional peephole, you are able to see whatever may be on the other side of the door without having to open it!

      What’s the difference between EQUES and your standard peephole viewer?

      The difference is huge. Being a digital viewer, the systems work by installing a camera on the outside of the door, whilst having a digital screen on the inside of the door for even clearer viewing. Also, depending on the model you choose, you able able to have automatic recording of visitors to your home, door bells and much more!


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