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OxShield SolarZone

StrongOx’s OxShield is an Optically Clear Energy-Efficiency Surface Film that is applied to existing glass. This film works by filtering excess heat and glare to cut energy expenditures by up to 20%. This innovative film helps you to rely less on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, meaning that you are saving substantial amounts of energy and money.

The OxShield SolarZone Range

SolarZone XTRM

With Extreme durability, Extreme savings, Extreme energy efficiency, SolarZoneXTRM is a new generation of extended-life exterior window films! It delivers XTRM performance, XTRM innovation and XTRM warranty – for up to 15 years!


SolarZone XTRA

Affixed to the exterior of the window, the SolarZone Xtra range of window films are specially formulated to mimic features of the SolarZone window films, but with a twist. These films have been developed to reject solar energy on the outer pane, keeping the inner pane cool and reducing the energy that penetrates inside even more effectively than some similar interior film.

SolarZone Reflective Films

The SolarZone Reflective range provides maximum energy efficiency and value. By rejecting excess solar radiation, Silver and Solar Bronze films cut heat build-up through glazing – making SolarZone Reflective films energy efficient on insulated glass (IGU)!

SolarZone Reflective films are the most popular choice for commercial projects with their strong visual statement, effective heat rejection and the quickest return on investment.

Think of it as, maximum efficiency with the shortest payback!

Dual Reflective Films

Combine energy efficiency with style! The SolarZone Dual Reflective lines — OptiTune and Titan — combine a reflective outside layer with a less reflective inner layer to reject solar energy from the outside, while preserving window transparency and maintaining indoor ambiance.
OptiTune and Titan deliver high levels of protection from solar heat! They cut energy costs by reducing the need for air-conditioning and boost energy efficiency.

Dual Reflective films are ideal for commercial and residential energy-upgrade glazing projects when the customer wants quick payback and a neutral interior that preserves the view outside.

Cold Steel

Manufactured using a patented process, Cold Steel’s attractive neutral colour delivers excellent solar energy rejection with a surprisingly low visible light reflectance.

Cold Steel presents an ideal solution for economic energy-saving projects where it is important to preserve views and retain a natural appearance — both inside and out!

SolarZone Interior

SolarZone Interior Spectrally Selective Window Films effectively reduce solar heat gain while allowing in ample light and preserving the natural appearance of the glass.

Spectrally Selective films present the energy-saving choice that will not compromise your glass, nor your view!

Specialty Films

For your desired effect.

  1. Matte Translucent Films
  2. Black Out or White Out Film
  3. UV Filter Film

SolarZone Safe Films

SolarZone Safe films cleverly combine shard protection technology found in SafetyZone security films with high levels of energy efficiency from other SolarZone films.



When professionally installed on the exterior of existing polycarbonate or PMMA glazing, PolyZone films protect easily scuffed plastic and dramatically reduce troublesome heat build-up and glare.

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