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OxShield SafetyZone Commercial

OxShield SafetyZone Commercial is an Optically Clear Anti-Fragmentation Window Security and Safety Film providing:

  • Increased protection from glass shattered by impact, blast, crime or natural disaster.
  • Substrate compatibility with glass, mirrors, or plastic and acrylic surfaces. Optimal Optical Clarity for a truly transparent surface.

OxShield protects glass from shattering, while providing superb optical clarity – the result of top grade polyester, transparent adhesive, and tight adherence to demanding ISO 9001 quality-assurance standards. With Interior or Exterior safety options, there is a clear film suitable for your specific needs.

An Aesthetic Beauty

OxShield has no bars or grilles, providing a superior level of protection, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Trust our exceptional experience of hundreds of OxShield installations around the globe.


OxShield SafetyZone Commercial is:

  • Quick and cost effective to replace
  • UV protected for greater longevity
  • Protects windows, signage and other films
  • More affordable than bars, grilles and mesh
  • No aesthetic impact to windows and glass
  • Second to none in strength, clarity and value
  • Fully certified and accredited

OxShield SafetyZone Commercial Range

Our huge range of commercial films means there is an ideal solution for everyone. For more information on which is the best product for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact StrongOx on (03) 9012 3552.

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