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StrongOx’s range of superior Security Camera and Surveillance products all starts with OxCam.
Utilizing the highest quality from VStarCam Technology Co., the OxCam range has a wide variety of models to ensure that only the most appropriate system is used, providing optimal security and protection. With the OxCam product range, the options are endless. Customize your system by selecting Wired or Wireless security, for applications internally or externally. OxCam enables you to control and monitor your unique surveillance system from the power of your fingertips – especially with OxCam products being fully compatible and easily integrated with  your Mobile, PC and Network Video Server.


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High Definition 7 inch screen,  1280 x 800 Resolution Capacitive Touch Screen that is true to colour with no shaking or shadowing. It’s the perfect companion for superior protection, security and safety.

This Wireless, HD Bullet Security Camera is a cost-effective, highly durable security camera ideal for use outdoors.
Perfect for External Use.

Enjoy endless flexibility by monitoring and controlling this system from your Mobile or Computer.
No Blind Spots! Don’t miss a thing with superior Panning & Tilting to prevent blind spots.

Our Wifi IP Network Camera with Alarm enables dynamic control and maneuverability to ensure superior protection, security and safety, with the added benefit of having a built in alarm.

A security camera ideal for use indoors, based on the shopping centre’s favourite little Dome, this camera is the perfect solution for areas that need surveillance on a more permanent basis.


Will my surveillance system be secure when using Wifi?
All of the OxCam products utilize a secure network to prevent hacking from compromising your protection.

How can I monitor and control several cameras at the one time?
By using OxCam’s Network Video Server, you are able to monitor and control up to 4 Channels of your surveillance system in real time.

How tricky is it to set up my security cameras?

All of our cameras have a ‘Plug and Play’ feature, making them easy to configure and install. In only a few simple steps you will have your camera up and running.

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