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New World Balustrades

Introducing NewWorld Oxitecture – much like our OldWorld Oxitecture, only modern! We can now provide you with all of the same, high quality security that you need with so much more!

Our huge range of expertise and our strict rules on high quality suppliers we are able to provide you and your home with the highest quality balustrades with a big emphasis on regulation compliance and aesthetics.

All balustrades our team installs are fully compliant to all relevant Australian Standards, use only the highest quality materials and are supplied with a full letter of compliance.

“With NewWorld Oxitecture, the sky is the limit, and with our own team of on-staff carpenters, builders, metal fabricators and more, anything is possible!”

Mix and Match!

Get your creative juices flowing with the StrongOx Oxitecture mix and matching centre! Here, clients can choose from numerous colours and styles to design an outdoor space to complement their home perfectly!
Here at Strong Ox, we work with you to turn your vision into a reality!

Our Frameless Glass Balustrade options are the personification of style and architectural elegance.

Our toughened and heat soaked balustrade glass panels are stamped with the Australian Standards logo for your peace of mind. All toughened and heat soaked glass panels installed by Strong Ox comply with AS2208 with test certificates and are available upon each and every installation!

Balustrades are a safety product and we guarantee you will only receive Grade A Toughened and Heat Soaked Safety Glass for your project.

Our Semi Frameless Glass range is the essence of cutting edge design and engineering capacity.

With a range of posts and handrails to choose from and an exposed bottom glass edge, your deck or balcony area will become a minimalist attraction for all to admire.

Balustrades are a safety product and we guarantee you will only receive Grade A Toughened and Heat Soaked Safety Glass for your project.

The Clearview Modular Fully Framed Glass Balustrade System from Axiom Group incorporates sophistication and durability to create a seamless and attractive glass balustrade style.

Balustrades are a safety product and we guarantee you will only receive Grade A Toughened and Heat Soaked Safety Glass for your project.

Our Aluminium Balustrade range gives your balcony or deck the outstanding traditional feel you desire, while maintaining the longevity and structural integrity for years to come.

Yee’ar me hearties!
A forever favourite, the Cable Wire Balustrade is a simple yet effective way to bring an elegant emphasis to your deck or balcony.

With an All-Stainless Construction or a Timber/Stainless Infusion, we can help you to create what you envisage.

Building or Renovating?

Renovating can sometimes be enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end! But introducing the New World to the Old doesn’t have to be stressful! StrongOx Oxitecture allows clients to take outdated designs and give it them a modern flare. Clients can expect to beautifully enhance their property with a range of New World fencing, balustrades, gates and security screens!
StrongOx prides itself on breathing new life into heritage properties by allowing clients to update their pre-existing products with artistic and elegant New World options or providing beautifully crafted Old World alternatives.

The Ox Factor

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Reach out to the Ox.

It’s a jungle out there, but don’t be shy we would love to hear from you and we can then book in your FREE in-home consultation from Melbourne’s solely focused Safety and Security Company, or simply call for a chat – we don’t charge for over the phone advice.

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Our Strong Ox Shining Stars come to you!

Ready to assist you with your very own tailored Strong Ox Home Safety proposal.  Your consultant can run you through the latest in home safety innovations and plan a proposal to your needs. Our consultants are also available on urgent request outside of hours for life’s little mishaps.

Step 03

A tailored fit!

Our distribution and modern fabrication factory is in Airport West, Victoria which we call the ‘Strong Ox Dome’. Our Security Screens range is custom made here by our craftsmanship action heroes utilising the latest in patented fabrication technology. The care and attention to detail we put into every job makes a world of difference because we know the little things are big to you.

Step 04

Just do it!

Not you, us! You can either be at home sipping on a latte or at the day spa whilst our Strong Ox Installation wizards go to work and install your product. A full in-home demonstration is always on offer. Now settle back and enjoy as your home is officially as strong as an Ox.

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