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Custom OldWorld Design

Introducing Oxitecture by StrongOx – a striking new way to provide the security you need with the old-world beauty you love.
Create a fresh new look to enhance your heritage-style home or simply re-vamp the old with new, custom-made balustrades, castings, fences and lacework!
Maintaining the elegant, traditional look while updating your home has never been easier. All products are available in cast iron, aluminium and steel – meaning there is a perfect match for any style home.

Mix and Match!

Get your creative juices flowing with the StrongOx Oxitecture mix and matching centre! Here, clients can choose from numerous colours and styles to design an outdoor space to complement their home perfectly!
Here at Strong Ox, we work with you to turn your vision into a reality!

Building or Renovating?

Older generation products on heritage properties can look worn out and outdated if not properly maintained. By replacing any existing lacework or balustrades with aluminium or decorative lacework, you can expect to beautifully enhance your property!
Strong Ox prides itself on breathing new life into heritage properties by allowing clients to update their pre-existing products with artistic and elegant New World options or providing beautifully crafted Old World alternatives.

What’s your flavour?

When Lacework was first used in Australia back in the late 1800s, it was all produced in Cast Iron. In recent decades, Aluminium has been the preference due to its light weight nature and its ability to resist rusting and corroding – unlike Cast Iron.

Feel comfortable choosing from a range of different materials to suit any outdoor space. StrongOx Oxitecture leaves behind old and outdated looks to revolutionize the way we think about the outdoors.
We offer clients the ability to choose from aluminium, glass, stainless steel (just to name a few) in order to best suit your needs!

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