January 29, 2018

3 Reasons to Love Glass Balustrades

No other material plays such a prominent role in modern day architecture than glass, so it’s not hard to see why glass balustrades have become a preferred choice in recent times. Synonymous with today’s ‘modern look’, glass balustrades effortlessly enhance interior and exterior design, boasting minimalist style throughout almost any space.

Utilising a glass balustrade could have you swooning for a number of reasons:

Welcome in natural light.

Glass is a great solution for those wanting to naturally brighten a space. Utilising glass panels for your next staircase, balcony or deck will instantly brighten the area by allowing light to stream through freely.

Create a greater sense of openness.

Using glass is a clever way to make a small space feel much larger. A clear glass balustrade offers little distraction to the eye, creating an open, airy and spacious feel. The same principles apply when glass balustrades are used for balconies or decks, as nothing detracts more from a great view than obtrusive railings, wire or barriers.

Create a stunning focal point.

Glass is a very popular choice for architects, interior designers and property developers. Glass balustrades are an extremely versatile solution for almost any kind of residential or commercial property, and can modernise a space instantly, making them a favourite for many.

Available in frameless, semi-frameless and fully framed options, glass balustrades are available in an extensive range of finishes, colours, thicknesses, and fittings to ensure the perfect fit.

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